soundhack spectral shapers 2.00 – macintosh


soundhack spectral shapers 2.00 for macintosh is ready in VST, AU and AAX versions. download from the spectral shapers page the plugins have been given new names (a ‘+’ is added) as the parameters and curves are not compatible with the older plugins. most now have a band control, and ++binaural has a revised LFO section. your current registration will work with this version. if you are not registered, you will be able to use the plugin for 2 minutes each time you load it.

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soundhack freesound bundle 9.01 – mac vst/au







i have just finished the macintosh vst and audio unit versions of the soundhack freesound bundle. please send any bug reports back to

the bundle consists of ++decimate: a bit crusher, ++chebyshev: a harsh distortion, ++compand: a compressor/expander, ++matrix: a mid-side encoder/decoder, and ++phasor: a multistage phase shifter.

ultimately this will be available as VST2, AU, AAX; Windows and Mac. possibly Linux, possibly VST3. i’ll update this post as i finish them. AAX will be available at a small cost.

9.00 – initial release

9.01 – fixes a bug in decimate in 64 bit

download from the freeware page

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Make Noise SoundHack Telharmonic on the horizon


i have finished (knock-on-wood) development on the Make Noise/SoundHack Telharmonic. this is a three output, three note oscillator which employs additive synthesis (H OUT), phase modulation synthesis (P OUT), and pitched noise with sideband width (N OUT). the tonal outputs have three notes which can be tuned in various ways. more news when the module is released.

here is a nice demo of the module

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Spectral Shapers 1.52 for Windows

Spectral Shapers 1.52 for Windows has been released, in both 32 and 64 bit VSTs. This fixes a conflict with certain hosts which resulted in a crash when opening old sessions. This is a free upgrade for all users.

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Windows install locations

For version 1.52 of Pvoc Kit, 1.51 of Spectral Shapers and 8.03 of Delay Trio/Freesound, Windows VST plugins are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins and C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2.

This is no longer the case for version 1.52 of Spectral Shapers

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SoundHack plugins are now in 64 and 32 bit.

All SoundHack OS X VST, AU, and Windows VST plugins are now available in 64 and 32 bit versions. Also, all reported bugs have been fixed, and the freeware +phasor plugin has been added to the Delay Trio bundle. This brings Pvoc Kit to version 1.52, Spectral Shapers to version 1.51, Delay Trio and Freesound Bundle to version 8.03. This is a free upgrade.

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Echophon and student pricing

SoundHack Spectral Shapers and Pvoc Kit are now being offered at a discount price to students and those who have purchased the Make Noise/SoundHack Echophon.

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The Make Noise SoundHack Echophon was awarded an Editor’s Choice Award by Electronic Musician magazine in the category “Digital or Analog? Yes!” Thank you EM for the recognition, and thank you Make Noise for a great collaboration!

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64 bit plugins in public beta (mac vst/au)

64 bit plugins are ready for open beta testing. these are actually universal binaries which will do 64 bit intel, 32 bit intel and 32 bit ppc on OS X 10.5 to 10.8 (and beyond?). audio unit and vst for mac. the download includes spectral shapers, pvoc kit, delay trio and the freesound bundle

download here:

send any bug reports my way, pm, dm or email :]

i am currently working on windows 64bit plugins.

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mountain lion

I just tested the SoundHack app; Spectral Shapers and Pvoc Kit VST and AU plugins under Mountain Lion. All seems to work well as long as you work with or disable the security settings. Control-click the installers to open. Please email if you find any problems….

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