I just created SoundHack groups on ¬†facebook. I’ll be posting announcements and updates to those spaces (along with this blog). Links are:


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SoundHack 0.896 Universal Binary

SoundHack 0.896 is debugged and released. It is a Universal Binary application, so supports both Intel and PPC and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or better. It also supports CoreAudio playback and recording.

Bugs fixed since 0.895: Mutation crashes, playback problems, peak detection in floating point files.

Available now in the freeware section.

Best, Tom

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Spectral Shapers 1.24 and Freesound 6.02

I have just updated all of the plugins to solve some common bugs in the VST and RTAS plugins. One relating to multiprocessor use under ProTools, and another which caused problems under Sonar 6.

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Spectral Shapers 1.23 Released

I have just released a new version of SoundHack Spectral Shapers. The main updates in this release are new versions of the Windows plugins for both VST and RTAS. Also, the Windows plugins no longer rely on QuickTime to run.

Also new in this version: automation problems in RTAS and VST have been fixed, as well as a problem where plugins wouldn’t automate in RTAS when the window is closed.

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Freesound Bundle 6.0.1

Freesound has now been updated to 6.0.1. This fixes ProTools automation problems when the windows are closed, ProTools parameter collisions between the various Freesound plugins, and automation problems with certain VST hosts (Nuendo and Cubase).

Windows users will need to unistall previous versions of Freesound before upgrading. Mac users will need to delete ~/Library/Preferences/DAE Prefs to force ProTools to rescan the plugin database.

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Freesound Bundle 5.1 for VST, AU, RTAS; Mac & Windows

I have just finished a bundle of five plugins that I developed as class demonstrations while teaching computer music and studio techniques at UC San Diego (+decimate was initially co-developed with Akira Rabelais while at CalArts).

These are all fairly simple plugins, but should be somewhat unique. At the present there are plugins for adding harmonic (+chebyshev) and inharmonic (+decimate) distortion, a gonioscope (+phasescope) for observing phase, a compressor/expander (+compand), and an MS matrix (+matrix) for decoding mid-side recordings and for matrixed effect techniques. It’s very likely that I will add more small plugins to this collection in the future.

There is currently no manual, or any presets. I will add these if there is enough positive feedback.

This is the same as the AU release of last year, but I have fixed numerous bugs (esp. in compand), and have added VST, RTAS and Windows support.

The plugins are in RTAS, VST, AU formats for Mac and Windows.

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SoundHack Spectral Shapers Now Available in RTAS and Universal Binary Formats

SoundHack is pleased to release Spectral Shapers plugin bundle version 1.2 for Macintosh, now compatible with Protools 7.0 and above. The new version also adds Universal Binary support to its VST, Audio Unit, and RTAS plugins, enabling them to run natively on Intel-based Macs.

In addition, SoundHack Spectral Shapers for Windows will soon be released and will feature a new version of the VST plugins and an RTAS release for Protools.

The four plugins in the Spectral Shapers bundle are filters which reshape the timbre of sound: +spectralcompand, a spectral version of a compressor/expander which can be used for broadband noise reduction; +spectralgate, a multi-band noise gate and ducker; +morphfilter, which morphs between two filter settings that can be drawn or learned; and +binaural, a spatialization plug-in optimized for headphone use.

Spectral Shapers 1.2 is available for $99 as an electronic download from www.soundhack.com, or $150 from authorized dealers. It is a free update to registered users.

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spectral shapers rtas

I am making good progress in porting the spectral shapers to RTAS. I should have a beta test ready soon (maybe even by the end of tomorrow). Any spectral shaper user who would like to try them out during the beta test period should drop me a line.

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Spectral Shapers Universal Binary Betas

I just uploaded betas of Spectral Shapers for VST and AU Universal Binary. Please download and send any comments my way (links corrected from yesterday)

If these are stable, I will work on some performance and sound enhancements for this bundle, as well as an RTAS release.

Thanks, Tom

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freesound bundle – beta 2

i have updated the freesound bundle. all reported bugs have been fixed, and it now features both a universal binary (10.4+) and a ppc (10.3+) version for audiounits. go to the freeware section to download.
update – beta 3 out this morning (5/30), fixes a problem with the +matrix ms encoder

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