++phasemash manual

++phasemash – phase modulation tricks

The plugin ++phasemash is a collection of simple transformations to phase difference and band assignment. All of these transformations are mathematically simple, and have little to do with natural acoustics, but together in one interface give a wide variety of frequency and phase distortion effects.


bands – The number of bands makes a dramatic difference on all of the ++phasemash processes. Large number of bands narrow the bandwidth and also increase the number of samples processed in each block, which increases the possible effect on phase.

bandshift – This control adjusts the reassignment of phase and amplitude from one band to another. An increment is added to each band number with bands wrapping around at the top and bottom. This provides a positive or negative frequency shift that is somewhat complicated by the wrapped bands.

phaseshift – This control adds a static offset of -π to π to the phase change between blocks. This creates a linear frequency shift, but with phase cancellation affecting steady tones. Both bandshift and phaseshift are nice alternatives to the typical single sideband ring modulation frequency shifting.

phasenull – The phasenull control decreases the phase change between blocks, and when at 100% completely removes all phase change information, locking all harmonics to the lowest band of the phase vocoder. This results in a typically harmonized or severely comb filtered sound (the robot voice effect).

phasenoise – This control adds a random number to the phase change between spectral measurements. This randomization of phase change is very effective at either removing pitch from a sound at a low band setting, or adding a scrambled ambiance when the number of bands is large.

phasereset – As phase is cumulative, a phasereset button is provided to reset the phase to the source signal.

scramble – This button randomly reassigns bands, and does so in a non- repeatable way.