SS VST UB – Try Again

OK – my last attempt at a VST Univeral Binary was a big flop, here it goes again. This time it should work in currrent UB hosts (though not tested in Steinberg software yet – as they don’t send developer copies – please send reports!)


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1 More Beta

I have just uploaded a very preliminary beta of SoundHack Spectral Shapers for MacIntel. Please download and send me your feedback.

Most of these recent updates have been to make SS more compatible with the various AU hosts, and insure MacIntel compatibility. Next I will be updating the VST versions. And then I will fix a number of nagging bugs that are in all versions.


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2 Betas

I now have two betas ready for the adventurous.

Freesound Bundle – Public Beta
A collection of 5 small plugins for AudioUnit. +compand, +decimate, +matrix, +chebyshev and +phasecope

Spectral Shapers AudioUnit 1.08 b1
This addresses some of the problems that SS was having in DP4. It also is a rework of the GUI in preparation for the MacIntel version. Some other bugs are fixed, more will be fixed by release.

Please check these out, and drop me a line if there are any problems.

Thanks – Tom

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current work

Hello all –

I am currently at work on a new FREE bundle of plugins. This is a group of 5 plugins, some of which I have released previously. The first release will be for AudioUnits/PPC (currently in beta testing), the second for AudioUnits/Intel and the third for Protools/RTAS.

After this is wrapped up, there will be a new version of Spectral Shapers with many bug fixes and including new versions for AudioUnits/Intel and Protools/RTAS.

Best, Tom

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instant player beta for os x

i have just completed a beta of instant player for os x. please go to the freeware page to check it out. for those who haven’t heard – here is a short description:

INSTANT PLAYER is a program which allows you to browse your soundfiles from the Finder. Start up INSTANT PLAYER, go back to the Finder, select a soundfile and press the option key. One can browse a large number of soundfiles by just holding down the option key and clicking on the sounds. This makes it great for looking through sound f/x or sample libraries. It will play the soundfile as soon as it opens it, so is also good as a browser helper application or as a drag and drop player.

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comments on spectral shapers

We have had some nice comments on Spectral Shapers over the last year – Thanks!

“Soundhack has always been one of my favorite sound design tools. To have that technology in a real-time plug-in situation is fantastic. From subtle adjustments to complete sonic overhaul, Spectral Shapers have become indispensable.”

– Trent Reznor

“…a fine collection of real-time spectral filters from the master himself.
I highly recommend them for the modern digital alchemist seeking new paths
of aural nuance. Also quite useful on the production bench for noise
reduction and compression/expansion.”

-Akira Rabelais

“Tom! These are some of the most esoteric and unusual sonic warping tools I’ve got man…..UNFU@KING REAL MAN! The binural filter with lfo lock to clock alone is INSANNNNEEE! whoohoo!”

– BT

“what I wish to do with sounds can by and large not be done with computers.
as far as I am concerned, the soundhack spectral shapers represent the
first time I have really seen a set of tools that I will actually use, and
that embody the beginnings of an approach to the manipulation and moulding
of sonic data in a way that I consider ‘correct’ and actually valid for
the exploration of sound on a very deep level, unencumbered by the overt
imposition of a mindset the user is forced to adopt based on the ego of
the programmer.

I applaud and welcome this first set of plug-ins, and anxiously await the
next set.”

andrew m. mckenzie
the hafler trio
january 2004

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website scrambled….

We had a little website problem, and are in the process of restoring things. Things should be back to normal soon.

– Tom

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TapeOp Article

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