Freesound Bundle 5.1 for VST, AU, RTAS; Mac & Windows

I have just finished a bundle of five plugins that I developed as class demonstrations while teaching computer music and studio techniques at UC San Diego (+decimate was initially co-developed with Akira Rabelais while at CalArts).

These are all fairly simple plugins, but should be somewhat unique. At the present there are plugins for adding harmonic (+chebyshev) and inharmonic (+decimate) distortion, a gonioscope (+phasescope) for observing phase, a compressor/expander (+compand), and an MS matrix (+matrix) for decoding mid-side recordings and for matrixed effect techniques. It’s very likely that I will add more small plugins to this collection in the future.

There is currently no manual, or any presets. I will add these if there is enough positive feedback.

This is the same as the AU release of last year, but I have fixed numerous bugs (esp. in compand), and have added VST, RTAS and Windows support.

The plugins are in RTAS, VST, AU formats for Mac and Windows.

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