comments on spectral shapers

We have had some nice comments on Spectral Shapers over the last year – Thanks!

“Soundhack has always been one of my favorite sound design tools. To have that technology in a real-time plug-in situation is fantastic. From subtle adjustments to complete sonic overhaul, Spectral Shapers have become indispensable.”

– Trent Reznor

“…a fine collection of real-time spectral filters from the master himself.
I highly recommend them for the modern digital alchemist seeking new paths
of aural nuance. Also quite useful on the production bench for noise
reduction and compression/expansion.”

-Akira Rabelais

“Tom! These are some of the most esoteric and unusual sonic warping tools I’ve got man…..UNFU@KING REAL MAN! The binural filter with lfo lock to clock alone is INSANNNNEEE! whoohoo!”

– BT

“what I wish to do with sounds can by and large not be done with computers.
as far as I am concerned, the soundhack spectral shapers represent the
first time I have really seen a set of tools that I will actually use, and
that embody the beginnings of an approach to the manipulation and moulding
of sonic data in a way that I consider ‘correct’ and actually valid for
the exploration of sound on a very deep level, unencumbered by the overt
imposition of a mindset the user is forced to adopt based on the ego of
the programmer.

I applaud and welcome this first set of plug-ins, and anxiously await the
next set.”

andrew m. mckenzie
the hafler trio
january 2004

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